Gothika Berzerker Contacts

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Gothika Berzerker Contacts Photos

Gothika Berzerker Contacts are used to accent Halloween costumes and makeup, are worn by Cosplay convention attendees, and are worn by actors in horror movies or your local Haunted attraction.

These lenses are Lathe Cut which makes them very comfortable. They approved by the FDA to be sold in the United States with a prescription from your Optometrist. Talk to your doctor about buying Halloween contacts during your next eye exam!

More about Gothika Berzerker Contacts

  • Diameter: 14.5 / Base Curve: 8.6 / Center Thickness: 0.10
  • Available as a Plano (0.00) lens only.
  • Materials: Water 38% / Polymacon 62%
  • Made for Occasional Wear.
  • Good for 1 Year after opening with proper care.
  • Not recommended for Extended Use.