If you live in the United States, YES! The FDA considers all contact lenses to be a medical device, even Plano lenses.  This is for YOUR safety! By law, we must follow guidelines put in place by the FDA to verify that you have a current and valid contact lens prescription with your physician before we can ship ANY contact lens order.  There are No Exceptions! During the checkout procedure on our website you will be asked to provide us with your Eye Care professional’s name, telephone number and fax number.  We will then contact them to verify that your contact lens prescription is current and valid.

Customer: “But I just need them for wear with my Halloween costume (for a party, or sporting event, or a movie project).”

If you are still asking questions about purchasing Plano lenses for Halloween, please read this page again.  Provide us with the proper documentation and we’ll gladly process your order.

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