To order lenses from, your prescription should contain the following information:

OS: Left Eye
OD: Right Eye
OU: Both Eyes

Power/Sphere: Strength of lenses – a number between –20.00 and +20.00

BC: Base Curve (back curvature of lens) -a number between 8.0 and 10.0

DIA: Diameter (diameter of lens) – a number between 13.0 and 15.0

Please note that our available lenses have the power, base curve, and the diameter for each lens style on their respective product information page under the “product detail”.

If you have any questions regarding your prescription or need to clarify the information about the lens style, please contact your eye care professional. Please note that theatrical lenses are not available in parameters different than what are listed on the Product Detail section of the information page of the product you wish to purchase. If a lens is available in corrective powers, you will be able to select a power before adding the lens to your cart. Your order can NOT be altered to correction if you have ordered plano lenses.

We cannot and will not provide advice about your prescription, corrective requirements. Please contact your eye care professional to find out which lenses are best for you.

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