About SfxHalloweenContacts.com

Why buy Halloween Contacts from SfxHalloweenContacts.com?

We are Grimm Productions, LLC.  Our team has been developing, designing and managing commercial websites and handling product fulfillment since 1999. Grimm Productions LLC is an authorized reseller of the Gothika Theatrical Contact Lens brand and owns/operates SfxHalloweenContacts.com. We set the tone and direction for our company a decade ago, by demanding of ourselves, the best product that we could produce by always pushing for the next level.  Easy Online Shopping, Hassle-Free Processing, and Fast Shipping – It’s what we do!

We do not professionally attend or sell product directly to the public at any vendor booths at ANY convention or festival anywhere in the world.  We will not handle returns or replacements for any purchase made at ANY convention or festival.  Only lenses purchased through this site will be considered for any return or replacement.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or Terms of Use for this website, please click the appropriate link provided.


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